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Loyalty Program Application

Loyalty Program Application
  Online Frequent Traveler (OFT) is the OLTP loyalty program that is based on a simple idea to build and develop stronger relationships with online users of the site.
Using OFT, a customer can earn points while booking on the portal and redeem Online Frequent Traveler (OFT) points on subsequent bookings. An online user can also view his transaction and OFT Points history that he has earned or redeemed.
OFT Administrator can manage all OFT customers’ Points history using OFT Management section
1 OFT point will be considered equivalent to 1 INR or 1 USD while earning and redeeming points

Revenue Accounting is a technique to optimize the revenue earned from a fixed, perishable resource (such as airline seats, hotel room reservations etc).

The services provided are ::

  Customer enrolments  
  Customer data update  
  Retroactive crediting Airline/Airline partners & non Airline partners  
  Consolidation of duplicate accounts  
  Crediting of special promotions  
  Maintenance and administration of archive data bank




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