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Departure Control System

We understand that not every turn-key solution provides the exact requirements that all customers need, therefore we have developed solutions that can be fitted to airline requirements, including



  DCS with an access to Airline hosted applications from CUTE terminals and from non-CUTE terminals  
  DCS with an access to Airline applications via Internet from non-CUTE terminals  
AIRS DCS is a  
   New generation solution, based on cutting edge technologies  
   Provides different options of integration (CUTE or non-CUTE)  
   Flexible and configurable  
   Adjustable to airline needs  
   Rapidly implemented  
   Scalable and reliable  
   Integrated, cost efficient  
Value Offering  
   Cost reduction  
   Complete end-to-end managed services  
   Higher service levels for liability and  
   Response time  
   Flexible & scalable solution  
   Price competitive solution  


   Receive Passenger Name list  
   Control Check-in  
   Issue Boarding Pass  
   Operational Time Change  
   Flight Manifest  
   Passenger Name List (PNL)  
   Send PFS Messages  


  DCS is GUI based application and gets updates from the reservation system on a real time basis  
  CUTE / CUSS Compatible  
  Can be installed at multiple locations instantaneously  
  Lounge Coupons/FIMS/Reports can be produced with ease and formatted as per the requirements  
   Less training time for staff and higher performance levels  
In store for you  
  Tremendous cost savings for an airline  
   Provides an enhanced level of functionalities integrated with the gradual growth and subsequent needs of the    airline  
  Is a web based user-friendly solution, which facilitates the users to work on a Graphical User Interface (Mask)  
   Can be implemented the same day at multiple locations and new locations can be added easily without     implementation timeframe delays  
   Can be further customized as per airline’s needs and requirements  
   24 X 7 helpdesks  

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